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How process optimization helped SMT


John Marett

2/7/20232 min read

Concrete construction companies play a crucial role in building the infrastructure that drives the growth of economies worldwide. Despite the critical nature of their work, they often face numerous challenges and need to find ways to improve processes to remain competitive in the market. In this post, we will explore the journey of SMT Construction, who received process improvement help and the process and benefits they received from it.

  1. The Journey Begins: SMT Concrete was facing numerous challenges, including a high rate of errors and rework, lengthy project completion times, and high operating costs. The company's management team realized that they needed help to improve their processes and make their business more efficient and competitive.

  2. Receiving Process Improvement Help: SMT Concrete decided to seek help from Meadow Stone Consulting, who had extensive experience in the process improvement field. Meadow Stone Consulting conducted a thorough analysis of the company's processes, identifying areas of improvement and developing a customized improvement plan. Among those areas, was creating a centralized location to store all project info, as well as processes to manage projects more efficiently.

  3. Implementing the Plan: SMT Concrete's management team worked closely with Meadow Stone Consulting to implement the improvement plan. This involved re-designing processes, improving communication, and introducing new tools and technologies to streamline operations. Ultimately SMT landed on using to help manage projects, as well as to keep the business organized. Meadow Stone implemented the software into their business and created processes to drive uniformity and efficiency. The team received training and support to ensure that the changes were adopted successfully.

  4. The Benefits: The process improvement efforts paid off quickly, and SMT Concrete began to see the benefits almost immediately. The rate of errors and rework decreased, project completion times were reduced, and operating costs were reduced. This allowed the company to increase its competitiveness, win more projects, and grow its business. Additional benefits from using and the processes around it, is SMT was able to start obtaining valuable data about its businesses. This has lead to them being able to make data driven decisions to grow their company.

  5. Continuous Improvement: The SMT Concrete's management team realized that process improvement is an ongoing journey, not a one-time event. They continued to work with Meadow Stone Consulting to identify new areas for improvement and continuously improve their processes. This allowed the company to maintain its competitive edge and continue to grow.

In conclusion, concrete construction companies can benefit greatly from receiving process improvement help. By working with a consultant to analyze and improve processes, companies can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve project outcomes. This can lead to increased competitiveness and growth, allowing construction companies to make a critical contribution to the growth of economies worldwide.

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